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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."~ANATOLE FRANCE

Thank you for visiting our website! Lewiston Animal Clinic offers comprehensive (traditional and holistic) medical care for companion animals. We provide a unique perspective assessing patient needs and tailoring a personalized treatment plan. From intake to discharge, pets are viewed inclusively: their medical history, current status, and diet. Each aspect is thoroughly evaluated in a safe clinic environment by an articulate and compassionate healthcare team. Patients and their families can expect to be treated with respectful professionalism and capable expertise; with the patient’s care our utmost priority. Our goal is to work harmoniously with patients and families to facilitate better wellness, a positive experience, and receptive inspiration along the way. In essence, creating an environment in which everyone wins.

As a holistic practice, we recognize that proper nutrition assists with disease prevention. A suitable diet is critical for your pet’s health and vitality. Families and pets will receive a nutritional consultation during an office visit, at no extra expense. Our clinic provides a variety of products that include raw food diets, allergy specific diets, nutritional supplements, and healthful pet treats. It is important to us that your pet is eating a proper diet that enhances overall health and longevity.

We encourage you to register for our free newsletter, which encompasses a wide range of topics concerning your pet’s needs. Valuable information regarding your pet’s health and well-being will be offered, along with helpful tips. These updated newsletters can answer questions you may have, broaden knowledge, and most of all benefit you and your pet.

At Lewiston Animal Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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