Wellness Plan

puppy1.pngCompanion animals need to see a veterinarian once a year or more often depending on age and condition.  Whether you have a puppy, kitten, middle-aged or older companion animal, please consider making an appointment with Lewiston Animal Clinic.  Our method is to examine your pet as a whole and analyze factors such as: medial history, diet, environment, supplements, stresses and human/pet relationships.  The wellness plan is designed to restore your pet’s health by discovering the root of the problem and creating a practical solution.  During an office visit, families and patients can expect a health checkup that includes:

General appearance
Eye Exam
Ear Exam
Dental Exam
Lymph Nodes
Integumentary (Skin)
Mucous Membranes
Neural System
Heart Rate/Circulatory
Body Weight
Nutritional consultation

During the examination your concerns will be addressed as well as deciding upon a treatment or therapy that will meet you and your pet’s needs.  Please feel free to provide any information that will be helpful to determine the best treatment.  We look forward to developing a productive plan of wellness to balance and optimize your pet’s health.  

In some circumstances, Dr. Weiner will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery. 


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